Intro to Microcurrent Therapy for Myofascial Pain


This 3 CE contact hours class will provide the practitioner with fundamental and essential concepts for using microcurrent frequencies to treat myofascial pain due to common and more complex physical injuries and pathology. You will learn general concepts for the use of microcurrent for myofascial pain and dysfunction, reflexive pain, and pain that is referred from discs, facets and ligaments. Positive results have been reported with fibromyalgia, shingles, and sciatica as well as pain caused and perpetuated by cervical and lumbar spine injuries.

This course is designed for practitioners who are exploring the scientific basis for microcurrent therapy. It will help you determine equipment options for your practice, based on your license and whether you are working within a hospital or medical office, or practicing in an independent clinical or outcall setting.

Microcurrent therapy is an ideal application for patients suffering from chronic pain, athletes with acute and chronic injuries, weekend warriors or anyone who actively exercises. It can easily be used for self-treatment of conditions commonly experienced by manual therapists, such as hand and forearm pain, chronic neck/back problems and a variety of other work-related complaints. While this introductory course will NOT teach specific microcurrent frequency protocols, it WILL help you explore how microcurrent can be integrated into your practice or used for self-care and family needs.

You are not required to own microcurrent equipment in order to take this class. Discussions will include equipment options to help you make informed choices about which type of equipment will work best in your practice setting or for your own personal use. If you already own portable equipment, it is not necessary to bring it to class since there will not be a practicum in this short course.

Class hours: Friday 9am-12pm

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Intro to Microcurrent Therapy for Myofascial Pain

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