Build Your Library of Video Testimonials in Less Than 10 Minutes A Day!

Working with customers can be rewarding, exhausting, filled with feedback and learning.  At the completion of your work, however, it's vital to your business to ask for Reviews.

Over 90% of people make buying decisions based on Reviews, according to Qualtrix XM.

It's as simple as making the request.  You can set up automated systems to request your reviews.  You can ask for reviews at the end of the experience.  You can set up an email campaign called a Review Request Campaign and schedule a series of 3 emails making the request.  And, of course, you can set up text campaigns to request reviews.  

Here's what it sounds like:

"When you have a sec, would you mind making a video testimonial of your experience?"

People want to share their experience.  When they have a good experience, they want to share it with their friends and family, making you the resource for their community!  When they have a bad experience, they want to feel heard.  And, you should always prioritize responding to negative reviews. Acknowledging that something may have gone wrong, with an attempt to make it right, is simply known as the "right thing to do."  

We all know that the "word of mouth" referral is golden.  Hearing about someone's experience personally and feeling inspired to follow their lead is fun and rewarding.  We share out of our excitement and wish to bestow that great experience on someone else.  There is a limitation, however.  The word of mouth referral, while it will always be golden, is finite.  The review is 1:1, meaning it's between 2 people.  

Reviews that are generated through strategic and formal campaigns, that are then syndicated to various directories and social media channels, are exponential in their impact.  These online reviews are 1:1000s!  Your online reviews, when built, managed and marketed correctly become the priceless asset your business needs.

Learn more about our Reputation Marketing + Online Review Solutions here.

Here's an example of a really simple Video Review Request Campaign that was sent through text and email following an event with NMT Center, NeuroMuscular Therapy for Upper Extremities, in St Petersburg, Florida.  

Video Review Request Campaign

Sent to participants: 

When you have a sec, would you mind making a video testimonial of your experience with  NMT Center?  Here are some guidelines:

Video Testimonial

The following script is made available only to give you ideas of how to share your experience with the NMT Center and Judith DeLany.  Feel free to write your own script or just speak freely.

Please keep your video testimonial between 45 sec to 2 min for maximum exposure.  For the best viewing experience, hold your phone above you and to the left or right so that you turn your head just a little to look up to the camera, instead of looking directly at the camera.  Hold the phone in Landscape vs Portrait view.

If you need to read your script while recording, you can download a free teleprompter app for your phone.  There are free versions, including BIGVU.  If you find that your eyes are following the script and showing in the video in a way that looks or feels disconcerting, you can wear your sunglasses to conceal your eyes in motion.  The viewer cannot see your teleprompter. Search google for “Free Teleprompter for Phone” to choose the best fit for you.

Listing your name and your business positions you with a level of expertise by aligning you with the Master, a benefit to your practice!  You will gain exposure as you are added to the marketing for the NMT Center as a gift to you.

Thank you for taking the time to do this!  We are all in support of this good work!


Hi, I’m [Anne] with [Anne Marie Massage].  I’m a Massage Therapist in [St Petersburg, Florida].  I’ve been studying NeuroMuscular Therapy with Judith DeLany and the NMT Center out of St Petersburg, Florida.

The training has impacted my practice by…

My referrals have increased by…as a result of…

I have seen my revenue change because…

Clients are asking more questions to better understand their situation and have asked me to educate them more than ever before.  I now have the tools to inform them about treating soft tissue pain syndromes.

Personally, studying with Judi has…

Thank you, Judi, for [helping me help my clients].

If you haven’t studied with Judith DeLany yet, don’t miss your opportunity to study with the Master!

Free Marketing Tip: You can copy this note and use in your practice, asking your clients to do the same for you and your team.

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